Alternate Names/Applications:

Weft Straightener, Weft straightening system, Skew and Bow Controller, Skew Controller, Bow Controller, Automatic weft straightening system, Fabric straightening system, Fabric defect correction system, Skew correcting system, Bow correcting system.

Application Details:

For fabric with perfect weft is a must for garment manufacturer.

  • With rejects and refinishing pushing up the costs, fabrics distortion-however small-is wholly unacceptable today to garment manufacturer.
  • Add to this, the speed fabric processing machine and the only solution left is automatic fabric straightening. Straight fabric is achieved not only by straightening at the final process, but at every process stages, as affordable price.


  • Highly sensitive powered detectors.
  • Intelligent signal processing.
  • Automatic adapting to any material.
  • Automatic light intensity control.
  • Informative distortion indication.
  • Ultra-fast line speed related response to control signals etc.
  • Several helpful optional accessories to meet every particular requirement.
  • The straightening system has only 2.7 m of cloth content, 3 skew and 2 (optional 3) bow rollers controlled by built-in variable speed electric system.
  • Photo-electric detection by 4-8 scanners (Rotating type) and associated projectors.
  • Tension reduction by electronic servo control drive of bow rollers and a tacho-generator to prove a reference of line-speed is an important component for straightening knitted fabrics.
  • A very special feature of the straightening system is its anti-creasing design.
  • The bowl rollers are perfectly arranged against any fabric creasing tendency. Their efficiency is governed by the bow rollers position.
  • Straitomat straighteners comply with the very high safety standards required by EEC directives, when they are equipped with safety doors (options)
  • The system are supplied ready for connection to a mains supply and are compact to fit the limited space, available in the finishing line.

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