PC Based Automation

PC Based Automation

Alternate Names/Applications:

Programmable Automation Controller, PAC, PC vs PLC, PLC replacement, Low cost automation, low cost PLC automation, Touch Screen HMI, IO cards, SCADA application, Low cost SCADA application, PC controller, Win CE Controller, Real-time PC controller, PC control system, Embedded motherboard, Embedded Xp, Compact Flash, USB IO cards, RS485 IO cards.


Modern day automation systems are required to be networked, need more data storage, need to be more user-friendly, be able to communicate with each other and require an open standard. PLCs have been used traditionally for automation purpose, but they have not been designed to meet such extra requirements. PCs were always designed to perform tasks like data storage, communication, number crunching etc. There is an increasing trend in the industry to use industrial PCs as automation controllers.

Semitronik, using its years of experience in automation has designed its own PC based automation controller with a set of IO cards (digital and analogue) to cater to a wide range of automation applications. The combination of automation controller and the IO cards can handle a variety of automation requirements of various industries.

The automation controller can run embedded operating systems like WinCE or Windows XP Embedded (XPe) depending on the application requirement. The controller is designed to withstand the harsh industrial environment of extreme temperature, humidity, vibration and dust. The controller is equipped with a solid state disk to with stand vibrations in a control panel.

The set of IO cards are equipped with USB, RS485, Ethernet or wireless interface. The IO cards communicate to the PC via MODBUS or other serial protocols. The IO cards can handle all the industrial requirements like high speed encoders, control drivers, interface sensors, handle PID loops and thus cater to a variety of industrial applications. They are designed to with work in industrial environment and immune to electrical noise.

There are various advantages of using a PC based control :

  • Ease of implementation because of easily available programmer base
  • Ease of configuration, maintenance as PC know-how is easily available.
  • Networking of different controllers is possible.
  • Feature to communicate the automation/production data to other PC
  • Ability to store production data of a longer period of time.
  • Generate different graphs and reports for visualization
  • Graphically rich user-interface environment.

Technical Specification:

  • 6.4”, 10.4” and 15” touch-screen LCD display.
  • Embedded board supporting Windows CE / Embedded XP.
  • 30 seconds of battery support with UPS
  • LAN, USB 2.0, RS232, PS/2 ports.
  • Rugged mounting to with-stand industrial environment

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