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Our years of association in the field of graphics, image processing and machine vision has lead to development of intellectual property in collaboration with our customers, partners and universities.

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    WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/059550

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    A method for aligning wheels of a vehicle is described herein. In an implementation, a plurality of images of a wheel of the vehicle is captured. The plurality of images comprises a LED image of the wheel, a laser image of the wheel, and a control image of the wheel. The method further comprises identifying, automatically, a rim coupled to the wheel based on the plurality of images. Further, the wheel is aligned based on the identified rim.

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Offline optimization pipeline for 3d content in embedded devices

  • CA 2614759 A1

    Apparatus are provided including assets defining 3D models, including 3D icons and scenes, and animations of the 3D models. An offline optimization engine is provided to process data to be acted upon by a graphics engine of a target embedded device. A graphics engine simulator is provided to simulate, on a computer platform other than a target embedded device, select functions of a target embedded device running a graphics engine including API calls that directly calls API functions of a hardware level API of the target embedded device.