An Automation Technocorp You Can Trust

Trust in a relationship builds over a time. At Semitronik, we've spent 30 years in continuously upgrading our products and services, emerging as the most trustworthy textile automation manufacturer, not just in India but all over the world. Our unwavering commitment to R&D has fetched us prestigious honours and research awards. All this is backed by a competent and widespread global sales & service network. With the sales & service network that criss-crosses the length & breadth of the globe, Semitronik has been just a phone call away from its every customer.
With the head office at Ahmedabad (India) and the works unit in the electronic zone of Gandhinagar, the network of offices and service centres are located at Mumbai, Surat, Amritsar, Bhilwara, Coimbatore, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Pali, Kolkatta and Tirupur. While the International network covers countries like Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, UK & USA.
We've lived upto our name for the past 30 years Trust us to do so forever!