• High Accuracy Measurement

    Using combination of high accuracy camera, tele-centric lenses, collimated light sources & our in-house indigenous software our system is capable of performing measurement up to 3/5/7/10 micron subjective accuracy.

    We have implemented measurement systems for different parts like oil seals, brass components, automotive parts, washers, fasteners, moulded parts, O Rings etc.

  • Visual Defect Identification

    Using our years of experience in machine vision, we have developed custom algorithms to identify visual defects in manufactured parts which include-

    • Color Variations
    • Geometry based variations
    • Missing Parts
    • Dents
    • Cuts
    • Pattern Matching/Logo Inspection
    • Foreign particles
    • Ovality
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
    • Teach and decode on-line printed characters
    • Support for multiple fonts
    • Buit-in character segmentation
    • SAP / ERP Integration
  • Barcode Detection
    • Detect 1D and 2D Barcodes
    • Pharmacode module for pharmaceutical industry
    • QR code detection module