Alternate Names/Applications:

Fabric Seam detector, Fabric joint detector, Seam detector for dyeing machines.

Application Details:

  • Semitronik seam detector is used in those places, where signaling a seam and simultaneously regulating the raising or lifting device of the machine is involved has vital advantages with shearing & cropping and shriener calendar machine.
  • No. of operators can be reduced
  • Minimizes the labour.
  • Machine can be run at any speed which increases the production.
  • Improves the quality.
  • Protects the machine against any damage to the cutter and blades and steel bowl due to steam, thus increase the life of the cutter, blades and also avoids the damage to the costly fabrics.


Seam detector comprises of:

  • Sensing device with switching amplifier and other circuitry on printed circuit board.
  • The control relay having 3 set of changeover contacts for operating cutter lifting or stopping device of shearing / cropping machine or pressure releasing device of calendaring machine.
  • The control unit is also available with proportional sequence controller to operate no. of cutters in such a way that minimum area surrounding the seam is passed unsheared irrespective of speed of the machine.

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