Alternate Names/Applications:

Textile magnetic metal detector, calendaring machine iron particles detector, on line metal detector, on line needle detector.

Application Details:

  • It is known fact that foreign matter can be carried along with fabrics in the textile, paper, rubber, cement, food and plastic industries during manufacturing process.
  • Such foreign matter may cause damage to costly machinery and may even to make eventual machine breakdown.


  • Semitronik magnetic metal detector incorporates integrated circuit on plug-in type printed circuit board to ensure durable and reliable performance.
  • Unit operates with 50 c/s and high frequency electrical interference suppressor circuitory to eliminate false signals i.e. unwanted stoppage of the machine. Thus increasing the efficiency of the machine.
  • It detects the presence of ferrous or ferro-magnetic metal of any form and magnitude. A tip of a pin to a big nail embedded in running fabric.
  • Suitable for both dry & wet fabric.
  • Satisfactory detection at any working speed.
  • The presence of magnetic metal particle is known by red light or sounding of hooter & stopping the electric motor driving the machine.
  • Switching amplifier can be synchronized with any sensing bar or feeler head as a direct replacement.

Technical Data:

Voltage input 220V, 50 c/s ± 10% or as per requirement.
Power input 25 VA
Relay contacts 250 V/2 Amps. Non-inductive.
Mode of indication LED to every 200 mm distance.
(To enable easy location of iron particles)


  1. Sensing head with light indication W* + 830 X H 300 X D 160 mm
  2. Control output W 265 X H 520 X D 120 mm *Working width of fabric

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