Alternate Names/Applications:

Tenter infeed device, Stenter infeed device, Photocell, Fabric Feeler, Stenter pinning controller, Web guider, Fabric edge tracking.


  • Coloured
  • Type fabric
  • Speed of the stenter machine of any make for uniform pinning.
  • Result in:

  • Ensures quality fabrics
  • Eliminates manual labour
  • Reduction in production cost by eliminating damage to fabric due to improper pinning.
  • Uninterrupted production with:

  • Reliable and durable operation
  • Ease of maintenance due to back-up of :
    • Efficient & prompt service after sales.
    • Technical training backed with detailed technical information.
    • Ease of availability of components.

Technical Data:

Fabric infeed device with rack and pinion system with CCD or Infra-red edge sensors.

Operational temperature 0 – 70°C.
Proportional band 2 – 12 mm.
Incandescent lamp 12 V 0.5 Amp.
Infra-red 12 V 0.1 Amp.
Weight ca. 0.5 kg.
Application Heat-setting & drying / finishing stenter and for sensing of edge of any coloured and structure fabric.
Cloth types Woven and knitted of any coloured.
Cloth speed Max. 250 mtr / min.
Power supply and switching unit.
Mains connection Single phase / three phase.
Voltage 200 – 240V / 440 V.
Frequency Max. 250 mtr / min.
Frequency 0.5 KVA.
Positions drive type PD - 80
Motor voltage 24V DC
Follow-up speed 260 mm / sec.
Guiding accuracy ± 1mm

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