Alternate Names/Applications:

Web Centering System, Web Guiding System, Fabric Centering and Spreading System, Web Centering and Spreading System, Fabric Centering Device, Web Centering Device.

Application Details:

  • Web guiders with steering rollers and combined with full width scroll rollers assure crease-free centre-line guiding of textile webs.
  • As alternative, the requirement of certain processes is satisfied by guiding the web along the center-line of the machine when the entry-span is sufficient long.
  • The fabric edges are sensed at all widths with in the range without any form of sensor follow-up. The fabric is therefore always centered reliably.

Fabric centering and spreading system finds application in:

  • Outlet of scutcher.
  • Guiding inlet of stenter / mangle.
  • Inlet of water extractor.
  • Outlet of scouring & bleaching machine.
  • Inlet to drying range machine.
  • Open width printing machine.


  • High correction capability and fast response through Pl-control characteristic. When there are small web corrections small correcting actions (proportional control) influences the run of the web directly. In case of large web deviations, there is an additional swivel action (integral control) which generates a time-dependent correction of the web run.
  • It automatically centers and expands the running web and opens its curled selvedges.
  • Since no nipping action is utilized, it preserves the texture of web and there is no web escape problem.
  • It provides accurate centering control even at high web running speed (150m/min. max).
  • Eliminates manual labour and error totally.
  • Improves the quality of the fabric and eliminates second grade production.
  • Improves pinning and clipping action on stenter.
  • Special three roll assembly supplied for knitted fabric.
  • Improves working of weft straightener system.
  • No wear and tear results in reliable and durable operation for years together.

Technical data:

  • Full width scroll roll with individual drive with arrangement to adjust the surface contact of the fabric.
  • Swivel-side roller made of SS/Ebonite/Aluminum having width as per specific requirement with cylinder, operated pneumatically, hydraulically, or electrically.
  • The position of the web center is detected by opto-electronics. The control unit transmits these signals to pneumatic/hydraulic or electric adjusting devices. The speed of the motor, hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder is adjusted in proportion to the amount of error.

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