Pick/Course Counting of Knitted Fabrics Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident sunt.

Pick/Course Counting of Knitted Fabrics

Woven as well as knitted fabric rolls can have a change in the density, resulting in change in GSM. Unequal GSM mean unequal strength of the fabric which ultimately affects its selling cost. This system monitors the Pick/Course of a moving fabric and controls the overfeed/underfeed to bring it close to the set value.

Machine Speed -80 meters/minute


  • Works with woven as well as knitted fabrics
  • Gives on-line indication of the picks/cm or course/inch
  • Generates overfeed/underfeed signals for close loop control action
  • Length wise variation in the production lot is stored for future reference
  • User friendly software for job configuration with recipe management and reporting