Alternate Names/Applications:

Loom Data Monitoring, Loom Data logger, Loom data wireless communication, Loom production monitoring system, Weft and Warp breakage indicator, Loom stoppage indicator, Loom stoppage logger

Application Details:

  • The loom data monitor (LDM) is a product data collector for any type of weaving machine. It memorizes out put, stoppages, various times and any other information dispensable for optimizing the output of a weaving shed.
  • LDM sends data to an application server using radio frequency based wireless communication system.
Production data stored on the computer includes:
  • Actual / expected picks.
  • Loom efficiency
  • Length of fabric produced
  • Length remaining to reach preset.
  • Operator efficiency
  • Beam-fall alerts
  • Shiftwise, daily, monthly & yearly reports.
Production data stored on the computer includes:
  • Number of breakages
  • Classifications of breakages
  • Down-time due to each breakages
  • Wireless data transmission system eliminates problem of cable layout and is much easier to maintain.


  • Number of stops, sub-divided into weft, warp or other causes.
  • Running and down times, sub-division into their causes.
  • Number of picks per shift.
  • Speed (picks per minute)
  • Stoppages per shift.
  • Length in meters of the programmed piece and how much is needed to complete the piece.
  • The loom data monitor supplied a percentile efficiency rate for loom and shift.
  • Security key lock for presetting and resetting.
  • Partial data reseating
    (e.g. just one shift, just certain data) entirely at the operator’s discretion.
  • Automatic display of a programmable data sequence for easy reading.
  • Dust and oil-proof keyboard.
  • Function of each key clearly described on front panel.
  • Permanent storage chip to store data in case of power failure.
  • Radio frequency output for data transmission to host computer.
  • The range of data transmission is upto 1 mile.

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