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Pick Up Indicator and Automatic Controller
Alternate Names/Applications:

Non-contact moisture measurement, microwave moisture sensor, pick up moisture sensor, pick up controller, fabric moisture sensor, online pick up controller, online pickup sensor.

Application Details:

  • System measures the % moisture on the material it is exposed to.
  • Microwave Moisture Sensor detects moisture in sheet and bulk materials in process from bone dry to full wet saturation.
  • For sheet materials and most bulk materials, its electrical output is directly and linearly proportional to moisture, an exceptional advantage that permits direct numerical scaling plus single and two-point calibration.
  • Unlike infrared moisture sensors, it is unaffected by color and its penetration into the product is deep.
  • The equipment can be installed on sizing machine stenters, drying machines where high moisture content to be kept uniform.
  • Besides Textile Industry these instruments find application textiles, paper, boards, veneers, bulk materials, such as powders and grains, wood chips, tobacco, peanuts, processed foods, sand, mortar, soil, sludge, wastes, paint, glue, plus lubricants and fuels, chemical solutions, and colloidial suspensions.


  • Digital indication of Moisture content in percentage.
  • Flashing lights to show the DRY-NORMAL or MOIST condition of fabric or yarn..
  • Adaptability to all standard types of dryer.
  • CONTROL proportional to speed of the machine by techo-feed back.
  • Progressive, deviation dependent step-type control system with PID characteristics.
  • Continuous and accurate modulation over a wide range of machine speeds, thereby adapting to differing dwell times at various speeds.
  • System available with suitable measuring range and measuring electrodes for measurement of moisture content with or without automatic control for paper / food processing / ceramic / sanitary ware / agriculture / gum mfg. Plant and other chemical processes to suit applications.


PID characteristic with :

  • Two relays with contact rated of 1 Amp. Non inductive load or
  • 4-20 mA or
  • 0-10 V

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