Alternate Names/Applications:

Weft Feeder, Weft Accumulator, Feeder for Shuttle-less looms.

Application Details:

  • The tensionless weft feeding device weft accumulator has been introduced to eliminate weft yarn feeding problems on shuttle less loom with a maximum weft yarn demand of 1500 mtrs/min. per colour.
  • The weft accumulator unit can be used for spun as well as continues filament yarns in coarse and fine counts.
  • The unit is with a stationary yarn drum, which provides special advantages during the operation cycle.


  • Fully automatic speed control.
  • Weft stop motion at the entry of weft accumulator.
  • Continuous and adjustable yarn division.
  • Different yarn types and counts woven on the same machine without major resetting.
  • S and Z twist adjustable.
  • Quick braking, winding disk with eyelet visible at once.
  • Large working field and good view of the accumulator drum and yarn reserve.
  • Good access to the eyelet.
  • Threading hook easily introduced.
  • Electronics replaceable after unfastening only two screws.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Can be used on all shuttleless projectile and rapier weaving machine.
  • Reversing switch for change of rotation (S or Z twist).
  • Speed control from 50 to 1200 mtrs/min.
  • Drum adaptable to weft yarn elasticity by stepless adjustment on its taper.
  • Weft reserve stepless variable during operation.
  • Braking ring stepless adjustment on site.

Technical Specification:

  • 48 V two-phase AC motor with 3600 RPM.
  • Speed control by frequency modulation and voltage variation.
  • Magnetic flow effect sensing.
  • Power supply control box with connections for 4 to 8 feeders.

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