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Dying >> System for Jigger Machine
Application Details:

The installation of the system on jigger machine will result in:

  • Increase in production.
  • Ensure quality dyeing results.
  • Reduction in labour cost :
    Complete dyeing operation is automatic; one operator can attend number of jigger machine.
  • Repeatable dyeing result.
  • Eliminates problem of re-dyeing
  • Very short payback period


  • Microprocessor technology for operational reliability and durable operation.
  • Easy programme setting arrangement :
    - Any operator can set the programme for automatic operation for bleaching, scouring, dyeing – washing cycle.
  • Most economical.
  • Sturdy construction :
    - Ensures longer life.
  • Instant status :
    - Display is provided for length of the fabric passed and number of cycles completed etc.
  • Plug-in type modular construction for ease of maintenance and to reduce down time.
  • The automatic operation of the unit is not effected by the shrinkage/elongation, which the fabric undergoes during dyeing on jigger machine as electronic circutory takes care of the same.
  • The system has facility to hook-up jigger machine with tension controlled drive for fully automatic operation.
  • Dosing of chemical:
    Module available for progressive or linear dosing of chemical as per requirement.

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