Spinning Products
Microprocessor for Multi - Point Fire Alarm / Spark Detection System
For automatic operation of extinguisher or diverter for pressurised blow room.
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System to Yarn Data Monitor and Control.
  • Individual spindle RPM/TPM production per shift/day.
  • Individual spindle efficiency.
  • Spindle wise slippage.
  • Machine wise efficiency.
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Multi-Channel Pre-Set Yarn Length Monitor and Controller
  • The system which controls machines running by collecting and processing data in real time-offers many advantages regarding production, quality and manufacturing costs.
  • This is achieved for spinning machine with the ‘Autocono’ multi-channel pre-set yarn length monitoring and controlling system by counting the revolutions of RPM of main motor and corresponding length of the yarn per minute being wound.
  • The data is utilized to measure the length of the yarn to have pre-set length of each spindle.
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Portable Moisture Meter
  • Moisture measuring range available with suitable sensor to meet any individual requirement.
  • Different type of detachable moisture measuring electrodes available to meet any individual requirement.
  • Finds application in :
    - Textiles / Agriculture / Food / Paper / Chemical / Wood
  • System available with computer interface for lot wise and sort wise data storage.
  • Unit is also available with interface to transmit data to PC using wireless communication.
  • Data transmitted includes :
    • Sample no.
    • Name of client
    • Type of fibre or materials
    • Moisture content
    • Lorry number and owners name etc.
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Cotton / Fibre Contamination Analyser
  • In the cotton contamination analyser, specially designed micro cards which convert the raw cotton into thin uniform web without removing any impurities, is scanned by CCD camera and processed by imaging system to classify undesirable particles in terms of their size and number.
  • The analyser will provide help to spinning experts, machinery manufacturers and cotton specialists to precisely determine the quantities and type of undesirable particles contained in the cotton.
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  Micronaire Measurement System
  • Measures the micronaire value.
  • Micronaire describes both the maturity and fineness of cotton fiber.
  • The cotton with right micronaire value gets the best price.
  • Various models available to meet specific requirements
  • Finds application in :
    - Textiles / Spinning / Ginning
  • System available with computer interface for logging the micronaire value.
  • Unit is also available with interface to transmit data to PC using wireless communication.
  • Different options of in-built compressor, external compressor.
  • Supplied with weighing scale with ISI mark.
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