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Dying >>  PC-160 Temperature Programmer
Alternate Names/Applications:

Dyeing Programmer, Dyeing Automation, Dyeing Controller, Low cost dyeing controller, Temperature gradient controller.

Application Details:

The system entails a number of economic advantages for the textile dyeing industry.

  • It optimises dyeing time and energy.
  • Production capacity is increased.
  • It eliminates uneven dyeing and complaints.
  • It increases the reliability in production.
  • Eliminated manual error.
  • 3/4 dyeing machine can be operated by one operator.
  • Dyeing process is rationalized.
  • Ensure total automatic operation in between loading and unloading of dyeing machine such as:
    • Top / fiber / yarn dyeing machine
    • Hank dyeing machine
    • Jet dyeing / winch dyeing / overflow dyeing.
    • Jigger dyeing machines.
      • Reliability in operation and perfect reproduction of the dyeing cycles are ensured by several interlocks and alarm devices.
      • These devices indicate any error or omission of manoeuvres, alerts on insufficient supply of heating or cooling medium and hold time dyeing cycle at end of a main operation.

The display facility for

  • Actual temperature
  • Desired temperature
  • Gradient
  • Hold time
  • Total time
  • Programme number
  • Step number etc.

Control for:

  • Chemical and dye transfers from local or remote tanks.
  • Recovery tank control.
  • Blended water temperature.
  • Pressure or differential pressure control.
  • Jigger ends or passes.
  • Selection of dosing control of liquid or solid chemical.

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