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Oxygen % Indicator & Controller For Boiler

Alternate Names/Applications:

Boiler Control System, Boiler Energy Saving, Oxygen Sensor, Oxygen Controller, Increase Boiler Efficiency.

Application Details:

  • Fuel price is increasing day by day. From the large power boiler used by the electrical utility companies to the small furnace operator or waste heater in cold countries, efficiency is the prime object.
  • Combustion efficiency can be defined as the effectiveness of any combustion that operates in converting the internal energy contained in fuel in to heat energy and making it available to the process.
  • In practice combustion efficiency is generally thought of as that total energy contained per unit of fuel-minus the energy carried away by hot flue gases existing through the stacks expressed as a percentage.   

Sensor: Zirconia based sensor element to with stand high temperature up to 700 degrees in combustion environment.

Electronic unit:

  • Complete electronic on plug-in type printed circuits boards with power supply to operate on 220V + 10% 50 c/s with :

                    Digital to indicate % of oxygen.
                    4-20 m or 0-10 V to either programmable logic controller or A.C. drives or two
                    relay output for proportionate action or relay with changeover contacts rated
                    with 1 Amp.

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