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Finishing / Processing
Fabric Centering and Spreading System
  • Web guiders with steering rollers and combined with full width scroll rollers assure crease-free centre-line guiding of textile webs.
  • As alternative, the requirement of certain processes is satisfied by guiding the web along the center-line of the machine when the entry-span is sufficient long.
  • The fabric edges are sensed at all widths with in the range without any form of sensor follow-up. The fabric is therefore always centered reliably.
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Pick Up Indicator and Automatic Controller
  • System measures the % moisture on the material it is exposed to.
  • Microwave Moisture Sensor detects moisture in sheet and bulk materials in process from bone dry to full wet saturation.
  • For sheet materials and most bulk materials, its electrical output is directly and linearly proportional to moisture, an exceptional advantage that permits direct numerical scaling plus single and two-point calibration.
  • Unlike infrared moisture sensors, it is unaffected by color and its penetration into the product is deep.
  • The equipment can be installed on sizing machine stenters, drying machines where high moisture content to be kept uniform.
  • Besides Textile Industry these instruments find application textiles, paper, boards, veneers, bulk materials, such as powders and grains, wood chips, tobacco, peanuts, processed foods, sand, mortar, soil, sludge, wastes, paint, glue, plus lubricants and fuels, chemical solutions, and colloidial suspensions.
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For fabric with perfect weft is a must for garment manufacturer.
  • With rejects and refinishing pushing up the costs, fabrics distortion-however small-is wholly unacceptable today to garment manufacturer.
  • Add to this, the speed fabric processing machine and the only solution left is automatic fabric straightening. Straight fabric is achieved not only by straightening at the final process, but at every process stages, as affordable price.
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Fabric Temperature Profile System
  • Semitronik's automatic heat-setting and control system optimizes your drying and heat-setting processes by measuring the fabric temperature in the stenter and automatically controlling the fabric running speed.
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Fabric Infeed Device
Fabric Infeed device with rack & pinion system and fabric edge sensor CCD or Infra-red suitable for any:
  • Coloured
  • Type fabric
  • Speed of the stenter machine of any make for uniform pinning.

  • Result in:
  • Ensures quality fabrics
  • Eliminates manual labour
  • Reduction in production cost by eliminating damage to fabric due to improper pinning.

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Residual Moisture % Indicator and Controller
  • System measures the % moisture on the material it is exposed to.
  • MOISTRON range of instruments work on the principle of measurement of resistance of yarn or fabric/paper etc. which is a relating logarithmic function of moisture content.
  • The equipment can be installed on sizing machine stenters, drying machines where moisture content at the exit end is required to be kept uniform.
  • Besides Textile Industry these instruments find application in Jute, paper, tobacco, tea, coffee, agriculture & food processing industries also.
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Pick Indicator and Controller
For controlling the residual shrinkage of the fabric to the International acceptable level and hence reorienting the basic fabric structure.
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Magnetic Metal Detector
  • It is known fact that foreign matter can be carried along with fabrics in the textile, paper, rubber, cement, food and plastic industries during manufacturing process.
  • Such foreign matter may cause damage to costly machinery and may even to make eventual machine breakdown.
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  • Semitronik seam detector is used in those places, where signaling a seam and  simultaneously regulating the raising or lifting device of the machine is involved has vital advantages with shearing & cropping and shriener calendar machine.
  • No. of operators can be reduced
  • Minimizes the labour.
  • Machine can be run at any speed which increases the production.
  • Improves the quality.
  • Protects the machine against any damage to the cutter and blades and steel bowl due to steam, thus increase the life of the cutter, blades and also avoids the damage to the costly fabrics.
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Stretch/Elongation % Indicator and Controller
  • The performance of the textile mills can be determined from the loom shed efficiency which entirely depends upon the quality of sized beam production.
  • The stretch % occurs during sizing which is one of the important factors in producing quality sized beam. The stretch caused by tension leads to an increase in length and reduced cross section. This phenomenon affects the strength of the fiber considerably.
  • The property of the quality sized yarn for good weaving performance is high elongation at break. If this falls below a certain minimum, warp breaks will increase. The stretch, the yarn undergoes during sizing should be at minimum possible level and particularly wet zone stretch should be as low as possible.
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Oxygen Indicator and Controller
  • Fuel price is increasing day by day. From the large power boiler used by the electrical utility companies to the small furnace operator or waste heater in cold countries, efficiency is the prime object.
  • Combustion efficiency can be defined as the effectiveness of any combustion that operates in converting the internal energy contained in fuel in to heat energy and making it available to the process.
  • In practice combustion efficiency is generally thought of as that total energy contained per unit of fuel-minus the energy carried away by hot flue gases existing through the stacks expressed as a percentage.   
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  • Stenter frame ( textile, carpet).
  • Dryer for tubular fabric / yarn.
  • Printing machine.
  • Sizing machine with infra-red dryer.
  • Heat-setting for carpet yarns.
  • Drying wood for paper-making machine.
  • Flat surface dryer ( building slabs, cards-board, wooden boards)
  • Dryer for webs of endless fabric (leather, fiber, foamed material).
  • Baking oven.
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