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Alternate Names/Applications:

Fabric Heat setting controller, Fabric Dwell time controller, Infrared Sensor Temperature Controller, Fabric Temperature Controller, Non contact temperature controller, Stenter ( tenter ) temperature controller, Uniform drying Controller, Fabric temperature measurement.

Application Details:

  • Semitronik’s automatic heat-setting and control system optimizes your drying and heat-setting processes by measuring the fabric temperature in the stenter and automatically controlling the fabric running speed.

Operating principles.

  • The fabric temperature is measured through infra-red non-contact temperature sensor, which works on the principle of heat radiation.
  • The sensor is mounted on the top of the stenter chamber pointing towards the fabric in process.

Technical Details:

  • Infra-red pyrometer can withstand temperature of 0-250°C.
  • Sensor has accuracy of ± 1°C.
  • System generates proportionate output in forms of 4-20mA to control fabric speed.
  • PC-based display and control unit with stenter monitoring system (optional).

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