A Journey of over 4 Decades
  Set asail in 1971, Semitronik is today successfully voyaging through the textile industry of the world. A leading manufacturer of sophisticated electronic process control equipments for the textile industry, Semitronik has always built the best machinery with the latest technology and has never cut corners where quality is concerned Semitronik has over the past 4 decades, continued to be at the forefront.
  The company has maintained an unwavering commitment to its customers by being proactive in supporting their needs and by providing high quality individualised solutions according to their specific needs. The company also maintains a rigorous quality assurance program along with R & D efforts in order to provide a cutting edge in the manufacture of top-notch electronic equipments. Semitronik has been bestowed with a number of National Awards for its excellence in work, R & D, innovative technology, productivity and exports. The company has a widespread, easy to reach national and international sales and service network for the convenience of its customers. With the head office at Ahmedabad (India) and the works unit in the electronic zone of Gandhinagar, the network of offices and service centres are located at all major textile centres in India - Mumbai, Surat, Amritsar, Bhilwara, Coimbatore, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Pali, Kolkatta and Tirupur. While the International network covers countries like Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, UK & USA. Its vast expertise has led the company to make its presence felt in practically every major International exhibition attended by the biggest names in the industry and win accolades from its peers. But far from all this, its the singular most important fact that Semitronik business comes from repeat buyers. The company considers the satisfaction of its valued customers as its greatest possible reward. This was only possible because of its highly motivated work force who have always strived hard for excellence and the wide support of its customers and clients.

In future, Semitronik will continue to strive for higher goals in all areas.
  An evolving range of high tech products.
  An aggressive drive in software development.
  A better understanding of the customers and achieve specific solutions to suffice his needs.