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Application Details:
  • Standard PC in industrial packaging
  • Standard MS Windows™ software platform
  • Standard MS Windows™ software tools for on-site application
  • Animation of performed functions
  • Past - Present - Future graphic dye procedure on-line display
  • Look ahead display showing expected manual interventions
  • Detailed historical reports; zooming from whole picture into minute by minute events. Real against Standard reports. Efficiency and deviation analysis
  • Graphic guided tunings
    Batch Dyeing Controller APC -504
  • Modular computerized Analog and Digital Inputs/Outputs stations with Ethernet or RS485 serial communication.
  • Automatic multi tasking execution of parallel functions according to process logic
  • Graphic menu driven dye program editing
  • Transfer of programs and controller set up from one controller to another
  • Compact, robust construction, built to endure dye house conditions. Full protection against electronic noise. CE certificate.
  • Full battery back-up, for short and long power failures
  • Very simple and easy to service. Test and self diagnostic functions. Password protection
    Batch Dyeing Controller APC -504
  • Any languages supported by MS Windows™ operating system
Dimensions::265W 323H 138D
Weight:: 5 Kg
Display::8.4" VGA 640x480 color TFT
Front Panel::Sealed IP65
Power::100VAC - 240VAC or 24V AC/DC 45VA
Environment::Max. Humidity - 95%
Max. Temperature - 50°