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Alternate Names/Applications:

Winding machine production monitoring, Two for One twister data monitoring, Texturizing machine data monitoring, uniform spindles production, spindle length production monitoring, spindle stoppage monitoring.

Application Details:
  • The system which controls machines running by collecting and processing data in real time-offers many advantages regarding production, quality and manufacturing costs.
  • This is achieved for spinning machine with the ‘Autocono’ multi-channel pre-set yarn length monitoring and controlling system by counting the revolutions of RPM of main motor and corresponding length of the yarn per minute being wound.
  • The data is utilized to measure the length of the yarn to have pre-set length of each spindle.

System  for:

    • Ring spinning frames
    • Open-end spinning frames.
    • Drawing frames
    • Automatic winder
    • Assembly winder
    • Twisters
    • Texturising machines
    • Crimping machines
    • Draw twister

The system consists of the following:

  • Micro-controller unit one per spindle.
  • Indication module:
    To display:
    • RPM / speed mtrs./min. or yard / min.
    • Spindle no. 3 digit.
    • Set value: 6 digits.
    • No. of  breakage for each spindle.
    • Actual value : 2 digit.
    • Run time.
    • Individual spindle efficiency.
  • Feather touch keyboard to enable length setting and other data on display.
  • Lock to store the memories of length setting.
  • 2 proximity sensors – one each side of the machine to sense the RPM of drum shaft or for motor driving the individual spindle.
  • A yarn break detector used as sensor to detect the presence of the yarn on spindle.
  • Cutter for automatic doffing.
  • Serial interface with computer.

The pre-set length for each spindle can be set through computer or indication module. The set length can be stored in memory by means of lock to avoid any tampering of the same.

  • Can be adapted to any textile machine requiring measurement of yarn length such us winding machine, two-for-one twister, assembly winder, draw twister, Texturising, crimping machines, etc.
  • Auto stop is possible according to the established length.
  • Length setting for each individual spindle.
  • Facility to find out the length of yarn accumulated on any spindle any time.
  • Since one controller can control one drum, operation is simple and confirmation is easy.
  • Simple operation ensures uniform package.
  • In order to avoid unwanted operations, the keyboard can be put out of use by means of a key.
  • Special training of personal is not required.
  •  Yarn detector is with provision to monitor yarn strain, variation in colour, contamination, tension, etc.

The display presents the constantly updated data regarding the efficiency and production of the machines.

Detailed Catalogue:

Multi-Channel Pre-Set Yarn Length Monitor and Controller