Camera Based Inspection System
Multi-camera Web Inspection

This solution uses eight IMPACT C-Series cameras to inspect the quality of tri-laminated conductive polymer materials. This provides 100% inspection of a 660 mm-wide polymer web moving at a speed of 20 meters per minute. The cameras communicate in a master-slave configuration so the information from all cameras is combined before the final pass/fail decisions are made.

Label Stack Verification

This is another complete turnkey label inspection solution. A conveyor transports operator-loaded stacks of labels past an IMPACT Intelligent Camera with diffused on-axis lighting. The IMPACT vision smart camera system is programmed to detect mixed or misprinted labels in the stack before final packaging. A custom interface provides easy setup for each label type.

Fiber Marker Tip Orientation Application

This solution uses two IMPACT Smart Cameras that are positioned 90-degrees apart to determine the orientation of fiber marker tips before they are inserted into a final assembly. A recipe file stores the inspection parameters for different shaped tips and the appropriate part file is loaded through a Binary Coded Decimal input before each inspection.

Plastic Extrusion Inspection

This solution uses an IMPACT 7200 high resolution C-Series camera (1024 X 768) to measure the dimensions of extruded plastic parts. To accommodate for the 100+ part types coming from the extrusion line, the system uses the C-Series processor's auto-trigger feature to track the part as it enters and exits the camera Field of View while measuring the part length.

Digital Wheel Print Quality Label Inspection

This label inspection solution is designed to inspect the quality of numeric characters that were printed on a plastic wheel using heat-transfer printing technology. The IMPACT vision smart camera system is programmed to detect gross printing defects, as well as bumps and notches along the edges of the printed characters. The smart camera takes an image of each character as the wheel turns, then displays the results when the full cycle is completed after ten images.