Camera Based Inspection System
Snap Ring Inspection Demo

Featured Tools: Contrast and Blob tools

This application demo features an application created to inspect snap rings used in the medical industry. This application was implemented by PPT VISION Partners LH Flaherty and Tri-mation Industries. The vision system accurately detects the presence of the snap ring, and checks to ensure the ring is seated in place accordingly.

Dialysis Filter Inspection

This solution has two IMPACT T20 Intelligent Cameras inspecting the standpipes of dialysis filters. The cameras are programmed to detect translucent polyurethane materials on clear or purple colored dialysis filters. Custom designed lighting illuminates the translucent polyurethane materials.

Needle Inspection with Image Stitching

Featured Tools: Image Stitching and various Line Gauge tools.

This application demo features a needle inspection application where a PPT9200 (1600X1200 pixels) high resolution camera is used to measure the needle length and insertion depth. This application requires a 15-micron repeatability, with 100+ product types ranging from 25mm to 125mm in length. Up to 9 images along the length of the needle were taken and stitched together before the final measurement is taken. The flexibility and power available in the IMPACT software allow for the necessary logic configuration to implement an effective part recipe management scheme to accommodate frequent part change over. This application is installed at B. Braun Medical located in Penang, Malaysia by AVI Technology Sdn. Bhd., one of PPT VISION's partners in Malaysia. (Note: This video is best viewed with a 1280 x 1024 screen resolution setting).

Two Cameras Inspecting Rotating Glass Vials

This solution uses two IMPACT T20 Intelligent Cameras to measure the critical dimensions of medicinal glass vials moving at a rate of 90 vials per minute. The IMPACT vision system also insures the quality of dark rings and dots printed on the vials. The cameras are self-triggered so images can be taken when the vials are rotated at different positions.