Camera Based Inspection System
Fastener Inspection

This application demo features a fastener inspection application implemented by Visionary Technologies, Inc. , a machine vision integrator based in Zeeland, Michigan. The application requires the vision system to inspect automotive fasteners for detection of cracked heads. Using a PPT VISION T20 Intelligent Camera, and IMPACT Vision Program Manager software(VPM), Visionary Technologies' approach to solving this application was to use the Bump Find tool, which monitors an objectís edge points and tracking their deviation over distance to determine if their pixel to pixel position is normal or in error.


This is a complete turnkey solution that consists of an inspection station designed to inspect and verify the features on stamped metal components in various shapes and sizes. This station is equipped with a 4-foot conveyor, IMPACT Intelligent Camera, lighting, optics, LCD display, and light tower.


Featured Tools: Peak Valley and various Line Gauge tools. Recipe management and MS Excel interface.

Fastener Inspection (Side View) This application demo features a fastener inspection application where a PPT IMPACT Vision Intelligent Camera is performing 10 different inspections on a single fastener, including head size and features, length, thread defects such as blanks, spirals and shorts, point quality, groove quality, missing washer or more than one washer, adhesives and mixed parts. This application runs at 1500 parts per minute with all 10 inspections enabled. The control panel allows the customer to choose which inspection to perform depending upon product configuration with a single mouse click. The vision program supports recipe management and manual calibration for quick and easy part change over. There is also a very explicit image buffer panel that shows which inspection fails and it's measurement results. This application is implemented by Jerhen Warren Industries, Inc. located in Rockford, IL, USA. The PPT IMPACT Vision Intelligent Camera is part of a high speed fastener sorting and inspection machine built for an automotive end user.