Camera Based Inspection System
Connector Assembly Inspection

This solution uses a manual-load inspection machine connected to an IMPACT 7200 camera and a C-Series processor to inspect the solder tail height and pitch, and the pin coplanarity, of an electronic connector. The machine is equipped with a flipping mechanism so that both sides of the connector can be inspected using a single camera.

Filament Inspection
  • Featured Tools: Origin and Line Gauge tools (Utilities, VPM and CPM)
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This application demo includes a general overview of the IMPACT Software Suite components - Utilities, VPM and CPM. This video demonstrates how a vision program is created from the ground up to inspect filaments used in the automotive industry. This application demonstrates the steps taken to load previously saved images onto the vision device so a complete application, including an operator control panel, can be created without having an actual camera.

Lead Frames Inspection

This solution provides 100% quality inspection for plated lead frames that are used to make Small Outline Transistor devices. Four IMPACT Intelligent Cameras are mounted on the coiler that winds up the four stands of the finished products onto a spool. Detectable defects include missing and offset plating, contamination, and lead shift.

A Multi-Snap, Universal Pin/Contact Inspection

This configurable solution is designed to accommodate up to ten camera snaps to inspect the pins and terminals of an electronic connector assembly. The operator has the option to select which inspections they want to perform, how many snaps are needed, and how many pins and/or gaps are in each snap.

Chip Capacitor

Featured Tools: Chip Capacitor tool, Recipe Management & Image Buffering

This application demo features an vision solution created by PPT VISION to inspect passive electronic components such as the chip capacitors. This vision program uses the PPT VISION exclusive Chip Capacitor tool that is specifically designed to perform the standard inspections and measurements required in this industry. Standard inspection requirements for chip capacitors includes surface, edge, corner and terminal gross defect inspections. Gauging requirements include chip and terminal width, length and height. The control panel program includes an image buffering panel that allows operator to save or load images at the push of a button, which allows for quick modification of vision program when necessary. The control panel program also features a File Selection menu which allows operator to quickly create new recipes or load a previously save recipe during part change over.

Image Stitching Application

This solution uses an IMPACT camera to measure the terminal height, pitch, and coplanarity of an electronic connector. The camera Field of View covers approximately 1/6 of the length of the connector. The six individual images are stitched together using an Image Stitching tool before the final inspection is done.

Inspecting Pin Tips and Solder Tails

This solution uses one IMPACT Intelligent Camera to inspect different features of a connector located on different planes. Two distinctive images are taken using two lights strobed at different intensities so measurements can be made for the pins as well as the solder tails.

The Terminal Control System (Stamped Pins)

Featured Tools: Edge Find, Template and various Line Gauge tools for radius measurements.

The VisiKron Terminal Control is a complete turn key automated system designed to inspect electrical terminal strips. VisiKron is typically used in high speed progressive stamping processes in the automotive and communications connector industries. The VisiKron Terminal Control Assistant Software, built from the ground up using IMPACT Software Suite, controls all functions of the inspection system. With its intuitive software menu design, there is no programming or coding required. All aspects of the inspection, from hardware setup such as camera gain; shutter speed; and strobe duration, to data logging and failed image save, are set within VisiKron Assistant Software. Simple configuration of product recipes allows for fast setup and retrieval of part inspection parameters including up to 20 dimensions, 3 locates, 8 templates and 2 radius measurements for each camera. The VisiKron Terminal Control is designed by Easycontrol, S.L., one of PPT VISION's partners in Spain.