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Alternate Names/Applications:

Temperature controller,Temperature Indicator and Controller.

  • Digital display
    0.5 size.
  • Range
    0-300 deg C or as per requirement upto 1200 deg C
  • Operating voltages
    220 10% 50 c/s. or 60 c/s (optional)
  • Temperature sensing element
    Platinum resistance bulb/thermocouple housed in a S.S. capillarity having length and diameter as per requirement:
    • Standard diameter : 10mm.
    • Standard length : 300mm
  • Sturdy flash type mounting cabinet.
  • Single chip micro-controller.
  • Keyboard for setting set-points
  • Open sensor protection.
  • Battery back-up provided to store process parameters, in case of power failure.
  • Platinum resistance or thermocouple temperature senor.
    Available in different dimensions and suitable for different applications.
  • Switch for auto/manual operation.
  • LED indicator for auto/manual operation & relay status.
  • Control
    • With on/off or time proportionate or PID characteristic.
  • Control output
    • Relay with set of change over contact rated with 2 Amp non inductive load.
    • Two set of relay for proportionate control characteristic.
    • 4-20 mA output.
    • 0-10 volts output
  • The special solenoid valve available for proportionate opening and closing of pneumatically operated diaphragm controlled valve for pressure variation from 0-20 PSI to have proportionate control action without I to P convertor.
  • System also available housed in sturdy cabinet with number of units assembled with solenoid valves, air filter, regulator, pressure gauge etc.
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