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Alternate Names/Applications:

Camera based cotton quality analysis, Cotton contamination analyzer, Grade cotton quality, image processing for cotton quality, cotton grading with camera.

Application Details:
  • In the cotton contamination analyser, specially designed micro cards which convert the raw cotton into thin uniform web without removing any impurities, is scanned by CCD camera and processed by imaging system to classify undesirable particles in terms of their size and number.
  • The analyser will provide help to spinning experts, machinery manufacturers and cotton specialists to precisely determine the quantities and type of undesirable particles contained in the cotton.
System configuration of cotton contamination analyser consists of:
  • Web preparatory device (micro card).
  • CCD camera.
  • Light source
  • Weighing device
  • Image analysing system
Web preparatory device (micro card).
To identify contamination in terms of their size and number of the cotton tufts are required as under:
  • To open cotton fibrous tufts and individualize the cotton fibers.
  • To carry the impurities along with the web.
  • To form a thin uniform layer of cotton fiber and impurities both together (cotton fibrous web)
The out coming web is passing over a clear flat glass arranged at an angle and then falls freely on the weighing pan. Behind the glass plate a uniform light source is arranged. Just above this light source is arranged. Just above this light source, two CCD cameras are mounted side by side to capture the image of the web.
CCD Camera.
  • Two high resolution CCD cameras are used to capture the images of the cotton web.
Light source.
  • To get uniform illumination, 12 halogen bulbs were fitted in two rows.
Weighing device.
  • The web which is scanned by camera is weighed by the weighing balance and data is transferred to imaging system through serial port.
Imaging system. Imaging system consisting of:
  • Pentium system.
  • Video frame grabber.
Processing software
  • Two high resolution CCD cameras are used to capture the images of the cotton web.
Processing software.
  • Seed-coat fragment is classified having centroid with outer bulb.
  • Neps and leafy matters are classified comparing their grey level limits.
  • Nep grey level is greater than leafy matter.
Microsoft C++ is used under window 95 easy to based on above algorithms to display live moving web, analyze in terms of there type and size, generate the reports in tabular and graphical form.
Technical Data:
Electrical operating system   :Evaluation time.
:Environment needed.
Tests for the most problematic contaminants in the textile industry today.   :Neps
:Seed coat fragments
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