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Alternate Names/Applications:

Counter meter, Speed and meter counter, production data monitor, Production data logger, data logger, save production data on computer.


Semitronik production data monitor for:

  • Speed / RPM / TPM measurement.
  • Total meterage / yardage measurement with the indication can be in either meters / yards / hanks or kg. pre-set arrangement.
  • The system can be also equipped with following additional data storage facility:
    • No. of machine stoppage per shift/day.
    • Efficiency of the machine.
    • Key board programming of roller diameter for ease of calibration.

You will find all the options you need to meet even the most exacting requirement including:

  • Simple production counting.
  • Length measurement.
  • Cut-to-length operations.
  • Batching / roll forming / blending / dispensing.
  • Motor speed monitor / control.
  • Printing.
  • Parts counting / coil winding.
  • A wide range of other industrial process like paper, plastic, steel etc. industries.

Technical Data:

  • No. of digits : 6
  • 6 keys for data feeding or operation.
  • User entry for calibration and pre-set length.
  •  6 digit display for total length per shift.
  • On-line hold facility.
  • Battery back-up for data storage in case of power failure.
  • Possibility of monitoring / observing any parameter in run mode.
  • 2 output i)  Relay for pre-set length
    ii)  Alarm
  • 2 output i)  Encoder output
    ii)  Presence of material


  • Magnetic / photo-cell pick-up Proximity sensor.
  • Rotary encoder.
  • Roller type.
  • Custom-built sensor / or as per specific application.

Advanced features family appearance design

  • DIN housing.
  • Bright 7 segment LED display.
  • Non-volatile memory.

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