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Semitronik - Making a technological mark worldwide Camera Based Inspection System
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Welcome to Semitronik

Set assail in 1971, Semitronik is today successfully voyaging through the field of industrial automation. We are a leading manufacturer of sophisticated electronic process control equipments for the textile, pharmaceutical, tea and dairy industry. We have successful installation in India as well as through out the world.

In the textile industry, we have the highest expertise to offer solutions for dyeing automation, stenter ( tenter ) automation, sizing automation, loom automation. We offer customized solutions to machinery manufacturers as well as end-users for all textile applications in spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing (processing).

We also offer technical design and development services in the areas of PLC automation, PC based automation, machine vision, Servo Controllers, Stepper-motor controllers, Lathe machine automation.

We have in-house team of highly experienced electronics engineers, electrical engineers, software programmers and mechanical engineers to offer solutions to a wide range of industrial applications.

Our automation services span the field tea automation, pharmaceutical machinery automation and dairy automation.

Our service centers are spread through out India and we have a strong distribution network through out the world.